Luckiest People in the World to Try Gambling

Playing Online Slots

Even if people say they are good at gambling, we all know that it is mostly based on luck. When you just though everything is lost, you might win more money. However, luck is not for everyone as we have seen many people lose their life savings without having many returns. You always have to be smart about gambling all the time. Still on luck, some people have won big in the history of gambling and it was all on luck. Check them out below.

Peter from Norway

A guy from Norway only known as Peter won an impressive $5 million in 2010 by just playing a slot machine. This all happened on an online casino. To his disbelief, he kept on winning at some point thinking the system had an issue, but that was not the case. This one remains as one of the biggest ever slot machines online winnings.

Peter was playing at Betsson Casino and he placed a 5 euro max bet on the Arabian Nights slot when he started grinning happily. At first he said he was hypnotised by the screen and didn’t understand what had just happened.

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Don Johnson

You might be thinking Don Johnson the actor, but that is not the case. This was just some random guy that decided to try his luck in gambling at it paid off huge. Back in 2011, Don played blackjack in three casinos and won all of them to an amount of $15 million. The casinos he played in included Tropicana, Borgota Hotel and Casino & Spa. He was not a professional gambler all he believed in was just luck.

Some people say that he negociated special rules with the casino to get an extra edge.

Charlie Wells

Charlie Wells is quite a legend in the circles of gamblers. As much as he was once a trickster who spend time in jail, his gambling wins were all just on luck. In 1891, Wells visited Monte Carlo with some of the proceeds from his cons. He played roulette for 11 straight hours and ended up winning one million francs. That was a lot of money back then. Wells also returned to the same year and won more millions on just luck.

Ashley Revell

Sometimes being at your lowest moment can make you the luckiest person in the room. That is what happen to Ashley Revell who was broke and then he decided to sell everything he owned. He took every penny to his name to a casino and see if he could make more money from it. In total, he had $135,000, which he placed on single bet red for a roulette table game. Many people surrounded the table to see if this guy had any luck. The wheel spun and settled on red 7. Just like that, he ended up winning a lot of money because of luck.

The Lucky Grandpa

Most grandparents love their grandchildren, but not many would put money there their mouths are. Peter Edwards say something special in his 3-year-old grandson and he decided to bet that he would eventually become a football star. Peter bet £50 (or about $80) that his grandson would play for the Welsh National Football. He received 2500:1 odds. The bet was oficialized in October, 2013 when the Wales team played Belgium and the 16-year-old Harry Wilson made his debut. Now that’s a lucky grandpa.

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